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Group classes in the studio

A group class that mixes different styles of dance and rhythms. It's a full-body aerobic workout that will improve your fitness, transform your body, boost your confidence and relieve stress.

A class that combines intense and fun training with a combination of cardio, strength and rhythm. Localized exercises that contribute to improved posture, toned body and increased flexibility.

The Postural Re-education class has no age limit, as it is a gentle and progressive method of spinal correction, without any contraindication, and is focused on stretching posture.

It is a fast 15-minute group class in the gym with series of exercises especially suited to strengthen and work the abdominal area and lower back. 

Localized class trains the entire body in an effective way. Using weights, shin pads, dumbbells and bars to strengthen all muscle groups. It is an ideal complete workout for toning your body.

Intensive training to work the Glutes, Abdominals and Legs in a dynamic 30-minute class! Focusing on particular areas, it tones and strengthens the lower part of the body.

Uma aula envolvente e adaptada a todos os níveis de treino (iniciante, intermédio e avançado) que recria os treinos de kickboxing, misturando o treino funcional com o impacto no saco. Cada aula conta com uma elevada queima de calorias e vários desafios!

Aerobic exercises combined with strength exercises. Improves fitness - with the heart rate in the target training zone, keeping the metabolism accelerated so fat would be burning, while improving your fitness.

Looking for a fun way to exercise and still lose fat and weight? So come and experience a Zumba class – a dance group class inspired by Latin and international rhythms and movements.

A fun way to practice Zumba, combining the Maracas with Latin rhythms, to tone your body. 

Discover the benefits of our Pilates classes in small groups. Improve your posture, tone your body, relax your mind. Personal training classes, Pilates Reformer and Alegro machines are also available.

Ashtanga Yoga is characterized as the synchronization of conscious, rhythmic and steady breathing with movements and sequences of postures that allow a deep cleansing and detoxification of the body and mind.

Functional Training seeks to integrate everyday activities to improve your physical condition. It is intended to exercise the body in an integrated and not isolated way, and can be a complement to weight training or the so-called 'traditional training'. Functional training is associated with a specific objective, be it a daily task or sport. During functional training we work on the 4 pillars of movement: jumping, rotating, pulling/pushing and walking.

Impact é uma aula de alta intensidade de movimentos atléticos utilizando o peso do corpo.

Alta perda calórica e desafio à agilidade e a coordenação motora.