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Estoril Wellness Center

Right next to Palácio Estoril Hotel Golf & Spa, the Estoril Wellness Center represents a strong commitment to providing excellence on all services, by their equipment, methods and therapies, as well as their set goals – HEALTH on one hand and WELL BEING on the other in a exquisite and comfortable environment.

At the Estoril Wellness Center every detail has been thought to provide peace of mind, vitality, pleasure and health, in a unique experience where the problems, worries and stress simply cease to exist.

Our clients are treated in a personalized and professional way, aiming to find the best solution that suits your specific needs.

Visit us and discover the variety of services we have for your health!

programa wellness Estoril Wellness Center

Body and Facial treatments

The Palácio Estoril Wellness Center is the perfect place to take care and pamper your face and body with a wide range of beauty specific cares.

We have at your disposal three of the best skin care brands to ensure the best results in our facial and / or body treatments.


Through the revitalising benefits of the therapeutic virtues of its mineral waters, the Estoril Wellness Center is the ideal place to prevent and cure muscular and skin diseases through the magical effect of the mineral medicinal water hyposaline, chlorinated and sodic and via the most effective medical hydrology techniques administered by medical and professional specialists. Come and experience it and sense the power of its physical benefits.


The 200m2 Estoril Wellness’s Gym breathes health through a new training philosophy: functional training. This type of training promotes the improvement of daily life, with movements used in day-to-day activities, such as lifting and sitting, common muscle actions in the tasks you perform on a daily basis. 


We are proud to have brought together an unrivalled team of expert therapists and medical practitioners dedicated to providing a fully integrated, 360 approaches to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

From physiotherapists and masseurs to osteopaths and general medical clinicians, our highly qualified team brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in their chosen field. Relax and enjoy your journey into wellbeing. It starts here.

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