Through the revitalising benefits of the therapeutic virtues of its mineral waters, the Estoril Wellness Center is the ideal place to prevent and cure muscular and skin diseases through the magical effect of the mineral medicinal water hyposaline, chlorinated and sodic and via the most effective medical hydrology techniques administered by medical and professional specialists. Come and experience it and sense the power of its physical benefits.

Enjoy the incredible feeling of a relaxing deep tissue massage,
while experiencing the soft cares of warm shower waters over your body.

45€ / 20 minutes

Perfect combination of the benefits of the Vichy Massage shower with a gentle full-body exfoliation with laminaria salt that eliminates dead cells leaving the skin hydrated and silky.

60€ / 40 minutes

Watsu is a deeply relaxing water therapy where movements are combined with gentle stretching and the shiatsu massage, whilst you are gently cradled in the water at 34°c. The rhythmical movements are carried out in harmony with your breathing to favour the natural regeneration of body and mind, decompress the spine, mobilize the joints and stretch the muscles.

80€ / 60 minutes

The one-on-one hydrotherapy session with a physiotherapist in our therapeutic pool is tailored to the needs of each individual to give the best opportunity to improve the physical condition.

50€ / 60 minutes

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