Integrative medicine evaluates the patient as a whole and its main objective is to go to the root of the disease and not just mitigate the symptoms with medication. Integrative medicine focuses on the importance of the relationship between patient and doctor, in the sense of knowing and understanding the person as a whole. This patient-centered approach involves a more complete health assessment, including clinical history, lifestyle, genetic components and emotional state in order to achieve a more accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment. At Estoril Wellness Center, we have a selection of consultations and treatments with the sole aim of restoring health and balance in your life.


Promotes psycho physiological regulation (mind/body regulation). It is a technique that uses state-of-the-art therapeutic technology based on micro-current (low voltages) that corrects physiological processes, teaching the body to behave in the face of disease.

It uses processes such as the interpretation of brain waves, heartbeats, muscle tension, breathing and skin temperature among others.
Biofeedback corrects the nervous and emotional system, detoxifies pathogens and heavy metals, reduces pain and inflammation. Increases the absorption of supplements. It works in such important areas as: immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. 

​Biofeedback acts not only in solving any problem diagnosed by a specialist or any symptom felt by the person, but also in preventing it, by detecting issues that have not yet been manifested, always with the aim of returning them to their natural state. , which is health. Biofeedback is a training process.

Biofeedback is for people of all ages and conditions. People with epilepsy, pacemakers or pregnant women require special care. It does not produce side effects or has contraindications.


BEHAVIORAL - Improves sleep quality, works addictions, weight loss, appetite control and food cravings.

​MENTAL HEALTH - Anxiety control and stress reduction, relief of depressive states, tensions and nervousness. Mental clarity, enhanced memory and attention.

​PHYSICAL HEALTH - Regulation of hormones and the immune system, chronic fatigue, nutrition (rebalance of minerals, vitamins, etc). Chelation (elimination of heavy metals), allergic desensitization, relief of respiratory problems, muscle mobility and pain reduction.

Specialists: Margarida Garcia / Sandra Bensaúde


Integrative Medicine is the simultaneous and/or sequential clinical practice, by the same professional or by a team. It is a mix of Classic Medicine and Alternative / Complementary Therapies, based on scientific evidence and practice.

Dr. Pedro MG Veiga

This therapy refers to the basic clinical concept according to which, for the prevention and treatment of various pathologies, the human organism must receive vital substances and nutrients, which are naturally used to for metabolism. Prescription of sufficient quantities can maintain the vitality and regain health.

Dr. Miguel Lopes

The science behind Traditional Chinese Medicine is the legacy left by ancient Oriental doctors, who over the time have deepened their medical practice.

Especialistas: Dr. Paulo Fonte / Dra. Diana Pinheiro / Márcia Sampaio

The Learning Development Consultation is done using two therapeutic techniques: Quantum Medicine and Child's Body Psychotherapy.

Dr. Margarida Garcia / Dr. Ana Galhardo

Psychoneuroimmunology consultation consists of an integrative psychotherapeutic model that seeks to understand and help the patient to awaken to a new health awareness, through the practice of self-knowledge and self-recognition. 

Dr. Verónica Pinto-Bruesten

Physical, emotional and psychological approach to stress symptoms, its causes and consequences. Energetic healing, breathing and movement techniques. Includes everyday exercise kit.

Dr. Conceição Espada

This single assessment through darkfield microscopy is a quick and painless analysis of living blood cells and their elements with the aim of knowing the patient's health status, providing indications on the origin and/or cause of health problems .

Especialistas: Dr. Miguel Lopes / Margarida Garcia

Homeopathy is a medicinal system that covers the entire human being considering different pathologies. It works through stimulation provided by homeopathic medicines in order to rebalance patient's vital energy, thus treating the disease.

Especialista: Pedro Veiga

This consultation is aimed for adults of all ages with issues of insomnia and/or insufficient or poor quality of sleep. The treatment approach is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). This Therapy uses a set of cognitive and behavioral techniques and strategies that aim to identify and modify or correct the causes of insomnia.

The Health Coach focusses on bio-individuality, there is no “one set program” that fits everyone and no “one diet”. Each person has a unique lifestyle, dietary, emotional and physical needs.
The main role is to guide clients and help them discover how to reach their health and wellness goals, whether that’s more balance in life, boosting energy, weight loss, stress management, better sleeping, discover which foods and lifestyle choices make you feel best and so much more.
A holistic Health Coach creates a safe space for their clients to explore their health, facilitating behaviour and lifestyle change that can be sustained for the long-term.

Especialista: Desiree Huls 

As sessões de ThetaHealing ajudam a descobrir desequilíbrios emocionais, eventos da vida ou qualquer outro acontecimento que possam ter contribuído para um determinado bloqueio ou medo. O terapeuta de ThetaHealing apoia a transformação positiva de crenças limitadoras do nosso subconsciente e bloqueios em algumas áreas como  doença física, relacionamentos, emocional, negócios ou amor, ajudando a criar novos programas de crenças positivas que podem ter um efeito transformador na vida do paciente.

Especialistas: Desiree Huls /  Catarina Silvestre

Clínica - Consultas de Especialidade Estoril Wellness Center
Clínica Estoril Wellness Center

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy


The Estoril Wellness Center's multidisciplinary physiotherapy team performs a precise diagnosis, offering each patient a personalized physiotherapy treatment plan, which can be carried out in an office or in our Therapeutic Swimming Pool with water at 34ºC, promoting greater treatment efficiency and comfort to the patient. Through an integrative approach, combining a variety of manual therapeutic techniques with the latest technologies, here you will find treatments performed by a team of Physiotherapists specialized in various areas, such as sports injuries, postoperative, geriatrics, physical rehabilitation , pregnancy and postpartum and pediatrics. 

Especialistas: Paulo Fonte, Mariana Rosa, Carla Bangueses, Leonor Martinho


Osteopathy is a holistic therapy based on knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, as well as how the three components interconnect, influence and intervene in the onset of the disease. Osteopathy states that the body has the capacity and the necessary means for its self-healing, so the osteopath, through the evaluation of the different structures (musculoskeletal, visceral, nervous, etc.) and their functions, applies a set of exclusively manual techniques, in order to rectify all the dysfunctions that compromise the body's homeostasis.

Isabel Tomás, Inês Alves

Nutrition consultations

At Estoril Wellness Center, Nutrition consultations as well as Weight Loss programs are more than restrictive diets and a set of dietary recommendations. Our philosophy is, above all, about food knowledge and a lifestyle re-education in order to acquire healthy habits. The quality of food and the benefits they bring to our health are the main objective to reach the desired and indicated weight. With the support of an entire multidisciplinary team and personalized monitoring, it is possible to find your balance and achieve your goals.

Dr. Patricia Segadães, Dr. Vera Sedas

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