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Pilates Studio

With 10 sessions you will notice the difference, with 20 sessions others will notice the difference and with 30 sessions you will have a new body.

Pilates method in the studio is aimed for anyone who wants an integrated, personalized training, with a global vision of the body and mind, whether it is for athletes, beginners or rehabilitation. Excellent addition to any other type of training, it allows to improve the performance of high competition athletes, as well as the physical condition and body awareness in case of rehabilitation. Working simultaneously with strength, stretching and balance, it allows you to harmoniously develop your body, improve your physical condition and body awareness.

Discover the benefits of our individual or small group Pilates classes. Improve your posture, tone your body and relax your mind at Estoril Wellness Pilates Studio by ALM.

With an eclectic and international team, Estoril Wellness Pilates Studio by ALM is known for its quality services, diversity and modern vision of movement and training.

A team of experienced professionals with different areas of training and possibility to have your sessions in various languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Certified in Pilates Method by ALM Pilates and Pilates Institute, the Estoril Wellness Pilates Studio by ALM team maintains the highest standard of quality and continuous training.

Estúdio Pilates Estoril

Meet our team

Ana Luís Martins

Sónia Abrantes

Paulo Fonte

Carla Bangueses

Sofia Dias

Helena Moreira

We also have sessions in small groups using Pilates Reformer machines. For more information and timetables please contact: